Frequently Asked Questions


Destination Weddings!?
Absolutely! We are based in Sun Valley, Idaho but we really really do love to travel. Like, a lot! So do not hesitate to call us if your wedding takes place out of state or even out of the country. Additional travel fees will be added to the total cost of your package depending on the location. We will discuss and outline travel fees at the time the contract is made.

Why so Pricey?
Let’s be real. We may be a little biased but we believe that Wedding Films and Photography are one of the most important, if not the most important investment you can make for your wedding day. The flowers will die, the decorations will be torn down, the food will be eaten and, well you know…, and even your memories will begin to fade. But what we capture on film will last forever.

Wedding Films and Photography are not cheap to make. A lot of time, talent, and love go into creating these works of art. Sure uncle Bob’s got a camera, why not just ask him to take pictures? We don’t just take pictures or video, we are professionals who pour a lot of time and energy into perfecting our craft so that we can provide the best for our clients.  

What equipment do you use?
We use professional filming equipment. Currently we shoot with Canon 5D and 7D HDSLRs. These small, lightweight cameras allow us to move fast and efficiently without the need to lug around a lot of equipment that can be a nuisance or get in the way, and they record beautiful HD images so their is no sacrifice in quality.