Wedding Films

Epic love stories played out on screen

Wedding films encapsulate and play back all the energy and raw emotions that define the day.

Preserved for generations, there’s nothing quite like being able to go back and watch your wedding film 50 years from now with your grandchildren as they watch the story unfold in front of them. The sights, the sounds, the music all coming back together in a harmonious reunion to retell the day your family was founded.

Our team of Sun Valley wedding videographers are second to none. With a background in filmmaking, we bring an artistic and cinematic approach to wedding videography. With an adventurous spirit and a taste for the theatrical, we aim to not just capture a wedding day, but produce a quality piece of cinema that stuns our clients and their families every time they watch it.

Discover one such story below and contact us today to book us for your next adventure.


Michael Gaughan

Michael Gaughan

Ben did such an amazing job on our wedding video! He managed to work the overall theme of our wedding into the video which was more than we were expecting. Everyone absolutely loves it. Truly cannot recommend them enough.

Adam Overfelt

Adam Overfelt

This guy blew my mind and every one of our creative expectations for our wedding video! Next Adventure does an outstanding job. His personal touch mixed with a high standard of professionalism really made the experience worth while as well as providing a high quality service for an affordable price. Thank you for an amazing video and a timeless capsule of memories for years to come!

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